KNX Water Flood Detector

ITR401-0001 - KNX Waterflood Detector is used to detect the presence of basements, water tanks, any concealed area, or any site where water-based liquids may be leaked by infiltrating. It is used as an early warning system that provides information via the KNX bus infrastructure. It protects the users from expensive repairs and from material losses that may be caused by the damage to the goods by detecting liquid leaks early. Furthermore, with the existence of the KNX system, users have the opportunity to adjust any additional warning systems.

Main Functions:

• Module alive beacon notification 

• Eligible to alert the users via buzzer, LED, or relay output 

• The LED is available for two-color statuses 

• Alarm detection delay selections are available 

• Sensing probe that extends downward up to 25 cm 

• Suspending the alarm for desired duration feature 

• Alarm reset feature

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ITR401-0001 // KNX Water Flood Detector

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